Here is a thought

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Welcome to my web log on my thoughts and travels. First and foremost this site will be a place for me to write down and share my travel experiences.  Second, it is a place for me to share my thoughts on other topics I may be thinking about – life, politics, philosophy, money, technology, and other hobbies.  Third, it is… Read more »

How Bernie Sanders should have finished his NH victory speech

Tonight Bernie Sanders left the NH primary with a solid victory and a sad thank you and goodbye that reminded me of his own critique of Obama’s 2008 campaign. What he should have ended on was: So New Hampshire, thank you again; now it’s on to Nevada and South Carolina and beyond, but it is not over in New Hampshire…. Read more »

South America Day 98-99: Sucre

At the Parque Cretacico here was a huge wall of dinosaur footprints, but not a single bone. Bolivian dinosaurs were immortal. The park asks for an extra 5Bs. to take pictures and pins the ticket to your shirt like a press badge. I hadn’t even considered that seeing Star Wars premier in Bolivia was within the realm of possibility until… Read more »

Crossing the Bolivian border from Peru


People from all over the world can easily cross into Bolivia, but the country makes a special hard case for Americans. If you are trying to enter Bolivia overland on a U.S. passport, here is my recent experience and advice on going from Puno, Perú to Copacabana, Bolivia. Visa Entrance into Bolivia requires a Visa. The Visa costs $135 and… Read more »

South America Day 93: Huayna Potosi Summit


The first rays of the sun lighting up the subtle snow covered curves of the glacier below are an astounding sight that I thought I may only see in movies and extreme skiing videos. We get up at midnight for the ascent. “We might not go.” is the first thing I hear spoken. Someone had stepped outside and reported the… Read more »

South America Day 92: Huayna Potosi High Camp


Day two is a short day of hiking followed by a long day of eating crackers, drinking tea, and napping. I am not sure if the extra full day at altitude (5150m) helps or hurts. I feel like I have acclimatized sufficiently and don’t have any trouble here. The cabin is almost as nice as base camp and we continue… Read more »